Worker’s Compensation Insurance Provider

Worker’s Compensation Insurance Provider

Marion Miller Insurance is fully licensed to handle workers compensation insurance for businesses in the following states:

  • Maryland Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Delaware Workers Compensation Insurance

We do not like to say that we offer cheap workers compensation insurance, rather we pride ourselves in providing inexpensive workers compensation insurance. We shop around until we find the best rate for your workers compensation needs.

Nationwide Insurance has created a loss control guide for employers, with sample forms and checklists designed to help the small business owner understand the process of workers compensation. Click here to view Nationwide Insurance’s “Workers Compensation Cost Management Guidelines”.

Why Do I Need Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Employers are required to obtain workers’ compensation insurance from any insurance company licensed to write workers’ compensation insurance.

Employers failing to secure workers’ compensation insurance as required by law shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and then subject to fines or even imprisonment. For more information on the consequences of not purchasing workers’ compensation insurance, please visit the State of Maryland’s “Employers FAQ” Page! and Delaware and Pennsylvania Compensation Rating Bureau.

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