Cyber Insurance

Cyber Insurance

Cyber Liability & Data Compromise Coverage

Understanding The Risk
Cybersecurity starts with learning and managing potential dangers. Unfortunately, most SMBs (small medium sized businesses) don’t identify with threats until they experience them first-hand. Since SMBs often operate on very tight profit margins, the losses from an attack can be devastating. With many SMBs lacking a dedicated, in-house IT department, minor attacks can grow out of control quickly.

Natures of cyber attack

  • You opened imposter emails.
  • Your computer were hacked.
  • Your credit card information was stolen.
  • Your website was hacked.
  • Your Network/Computer System was hacked.
  • Your company information was hacked from a third party.
  • Your cloud data was hacked.
  • Your email caused your customer’s network/computer system to CRASH.

With cyber threats like ransomware and social engineering becoming more and more common, its vital for your business to protect against them.
Cyber Insurance covers your network/computer system as well as third party’s data and systems.

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